Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay, okay... at the request of Grammy, we need to put more pictures up. I knew I was getting a little bit lazy, but come on...I'm 19 weeks pregnant and chasing around an 11 month old!

Noa really has been on the move lately. Just this week she has started to take a few steps which is sooo exciting! Her bottom two front teeth are in and she's working very hard on her top two teeth. She definitely loves saying "Dada" or "Ada" as Russ now answers to. She also says "Mama" and "nana" for banana and various clucking noises - not sure where she picked those up. And even though she's still sucking her thumb like crazy, every time I look at her I just feel like she's no longer a baby and already a kid! How time flies. But she really is an excellent baby. She's always happy and smiling and has such a great personality already. :)

We've had a lot of people come through town lately. Kris, Jenn, and Alissa came all the way from Oklahoma! Before they left they gave her an early birthday present - some really cute books - although I think Noa was more interested in the tissue paper (as usual)...

And we finally found a great deal on a 2003 Honda Odysee! Yay! My sweet husband is so good to me! This isn't a very good picture but I wanted to take one before he took it to work today.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Party time!!!!

Our neighbor and Noa's BFF Evie turned one last week! On Sunday afternoon we walked over for a fun party. First we got all cleaned up and ready... (Side note: Noa is still obsessed with bath time. She squeals every time we bring her into the bathroom and start to run the water for the tub - loves it)

Then we put on our pretty party dress. I'm amazed that Noa looks so good in yellow as it is definitely a color I avoid at all costs. But she always looks so sweet in pastels. I was finally able to get a bow in her hair too - and it stayed for a long time!!

Shelley was nice enough to watch Noa for a little bit so I could have a break. Keeping a 10 month old busy for even 30 minutes is quite a task - but a few hours?!! She enjoyed playing outside with the other kids though, even if she didn't like stepping on the crunchy grass. Shelley said she kept reaching for her if she happened to step off the blanket. Meanwhile fearless Evie was rolling around in it!! Funny... We have more pictures but they're all on Russ' camera. We'll have to download some more - it was a very nice party!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the go!

This girl is definitely getting around. She's cruising around the furniture and occasionally balances all by herself. I need to take more pictures and get them up, but wanted to post one of my favorites. We just love this little chick!!