Thursday, January 28, 2010


Noa is so funny. She saw the cover of one of Russ' books that has this guy with his face stuffed with fries (I'm sure you've seen the Supersize Me cover). Anyway, she's always talking about fries! We've gone through the drive-thru once to get her some fries and now almost every time we get in the car she's yelling, "Pries! Pries!" For only having them twice in her life, they sure made an impact on her! (I must admit that fries have made quite an impact on me too.)

So, today we went through the bank and she started yelling, "Pries! Pries! Pries!" I explained that this was a bank and not fast food. Definitely confused her. She couldn't understand why those sweet ladies couldn't send fries through the tube to us! I wish they would too!
Here she is having a movie day. :)
Last night I just wanted some peace and quiet during dinner time. She had already eaten, so I put a little bit of water in a pan, gave her some beaters, and then dumped a little bit of rice in there too. It kept her busy for like 45 minutes! Sure I had to clean up the floor afterwards, but it was worth it!
And Ruthie is still the Queen of Cuteness. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're still here!

It has been a few weeks since I downloaded any pictures and I realized we still had Christmas pictures on my camera. Wow! It is about time I get with the program!!

Christmas 2009
Ruthie had no idea what was really going on. She had sooo many presents. We opened most of them for her, but we let her try on this one.
Noa organizing all of Russ' coffee. She's really into organizing things lately. Makes me proud.
As soon as she opened this elmo book (with stuffed animal included), she was so excited she just kissed Elmo right away! I've never seen her respond this way to anything! So cute!
And... this picture pretty much sums up Christmas for Chicks. She would've eaten the whole bag of Chocolate Covered Raisinets if we let her!

Classic Ruthie look.
Ruthie got this computer and loved looking at all the pictures light up. Well, Noa had to come over and check it out and...
notice who has the computer now.

Everyday Life 2010 style
Sleepy chicks.
Ruthie is getting soooo tall! I hope she doesn't grow out of this chair too quickly!
The girls have started to be best buds. Noa is always coming over to sit by the baby, hold the baby, pat the baby's back, kiss the baby. So cute!
The other day Ruthie and I went in to get Noa from her nap and I put Ruthie in Noa's crib. Noa thought that was the coolest thing ever! She didn't want to get out! Furthermore, she only wanted to sit right on top of the baby after she piled her with her stuffed animals. Ruthie didn't care at all and just giggled away!
Ruthie is all into the exersaucer now. I just love this phase when they can play by themselves but still not get around!
Ruthie tried cereal the other night and couldn't get enough! What a big girl!!
Bonus picture: Here's Noa at the same age! They are so different!
Lovin' her Daddy.
Just one more cute shot to top it all off. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GAP model or Chicks?

Nope. Just Chicks. :) Thanks to Vanessa for these sweet pictures AND for enduring a very challenging, very exhausting photo shoot with the girls. I just LOVE these shots of Noa.

There's nothing more precious than daddies and their daughters. Noa thought this was great - couldn't stop giggling and running away from us as we were trying to take pictures.

Ruthie struggled to keep her head up - I think this is the best picture we got!