Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still Pooped.

We returned from a great trip to Michigan last Wednesday (think 18 hour car ride there and back) and I seriously think we will be recovering for the next month... Since I'm out of it, I thought I would quickly post some pictures and call it a night. As usual, we have a whole lot of pictures of Noa and none of anyone else.
All ready for the big trip!
Cracker Barrel stop in OH after driving about 12 hours. Only 6 more to go! :(
Noa loved seeing the fire trucks at Grammy's work!

And, of course, who doesn't like swinging?
"Hey Grammy! Do you need some help?"
She ended up in her own little bath.
Aunt Abby let Noa ride her horse Heaven but I think she liked the tractor ride(s) the best!