Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pajama Party!

The girls were having so much fun in their PJ's this morning!  Noa just loved being up on our bed and thought everything was so funny.  I had to keep her from smashing Ruthie while she jumped around, but no harm was done and we had a good time.
She was really into my toner for some reason.  She held onto it for about an hour and a half and never figured out how to spray it (which was great!).
And its a good thing we love PJ's because there's a whole lot of sleepin' goiAdd Imagen' on around here!  At least in the daytime, that is...

Here's Noa with some of her best buds Carson & Eli pretending to nap, although it wasn't long before they were up and running around again.

Blueberry Face
Noa has really been enjoying feeding herself yogurt lately.  I'm not sure how much she actually gets in her mouth, but she has so much fun it is definitely worth it.
Of course a bath always follows.  

Pretty Girl
Here she is with one of her favorite snacks - String Cheese!  She's saying, "Oh Wow!" She's always saying that now.  
And she also says "Chz" for cheese.  She's basically saying a new word just about every day and we always think what she comes up with is so cute. What a smart girl! 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Hubby

I have been blessed with the most amazing husband ever. He has been such a help both before and after Ruthie's arrival and I just can't imagine doing life with anyone else. Last night we went out for the first time since having Ruthie (and consequently, since I haven't had a big belly that I was constantly complaining and moaning about) and anyway, I was reminded once again what an awesome gift I've been given in him. I love you babe!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Everyone has been asking how Noa is adjusting to a new baby being around. She has been so sweet! When she met Ruthie for the first time in the hospital she leaned over and kissed her head. 5 minutes later she came back and hit her in the face, but thankfully, that's really the only time I've seen her do that. Since we've been home, she's had nothing but love for this baby. She's very concerned when the baby cries or whines and she's tried to give her everything from a pacifier to a pop-tart to comfort her. What a sweetie. When Russ goes to get her in the morning, she'll wander in our room looking for the baby, always saying, "Day-day" or "Day-din" ("baby" in her language).

Ruthie has also been adjusting well to Noa. Noa is usually pretty gentle, but gets excited sometimes and is a little too rough, grabbing Ruthie, or rubbing her head way to hard... Ruthie just kind of sits there and keeps sleeping. Overall, our time at home has been wonderful. We're still dealing with sleepless nights and occasional endless crying because of gas (typical newborn thing), but Ruthie really is a sweet baby and it has been much easier getting used to having her around than we thought, especially since she has such an incredible big sister. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hospital Pictures

Here's a gallery of pictures that a photographer took in the hospital. It will only be viewable for 2 weeks, so check them out - they're sooooo sweet! We just love our little girlies so much. What a good God we serve!

password: ruthiejoy0810

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ruthie is here!

10 lbs. 4 oz. 21 inches long
Jackie pushed her out in 20 minutes. The whole experience was perfect! Thanks be to God!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rock Star

Here's a few pillows I made (embroidery and all) for Noa & Ruthie and some burp cloths. I love 'em, but I'm over my craftiness now - totally in a holding pattern until this baby arrives. Hurry up girl!!

Wait a sec. Who's the rock star in Noa's room?

Silly me... It's just Chickies with Melissa's glasses on! How cute is she??!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ruthie's comin' soon

Today we went to the doctor to have yet another non-stress test (the baby did great) and to see how far along we are in this whole process. I'm 38 weeks and 2 days along and can't wait to meet this sweet little girl! Dr. Caire checked me and I'm only dilated 1.5 cm, 50% effaced, and -2 station. So... she didn't seem to think Ruthie would make her appearance this week-end, which may actually be a good thing since all 3 doctors in my practice will be out of town! Yikes! I would much rather deliver with one of them than with a doctor I don't know (that they share on-call duties with). We're going in next Monday and Thursday for more NST's and we have an induction scheduled for Friday, August 14th if Ruthie doesn't come before then. I'm actually pretty confident that she will, and have incredible peace about having this appointment scheduled if she doesn't. Please pray that she would come at a time when one of my doctors is on-call and that everything surrounding the birth would be a wonderful experience just like last time. Although we're not huge fans of scheduling inductions, we both have peace about it and I suppose our main prayer concerning our experience is that we would avoid a C-section (even with a big baby) and that Ruthie and I would both be healthy and safe. Any day now... :)