Monday, October 28, 2013

Por Mi Familia

So I just downloaded a bunch of pictures of the last *ahem* year.  Yes, it has almost been that long and the idea of keeping up with the blog has been nagging me for months now.  I don't like the new blogger and well, I just shut down and that was that.  I also have four kids 5 and under, and I think that accounts for some (o.k. most) of the blog failure.  But we're back!  I chose a handful of recent pictures to throw up on here today and in the next few posts, I thought we could just go backwards through the last year.  Poor Brothie hardly has any blogs about him!  Anyway, here's a sampling of the last month or two.  And I completed this task in just under an hour.  Record time, folks!  I hope each of my 7 readers know how much I love you...

Here he is himself, the king of cuteness, the Sire of sweetness, the most awesome boy in the whole world.  He is snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, and he melts my heart each and every day.

This picture got thrown in randomly.  The shirt says it all.

Ruthie Joy.  We've gave her that middle name in hopes that we would actually see her being joyful one of these days.  This particular day was challenging, but she does have many wonderful moments. :) 

Here's the girls' new favorite tire swing at their new favorite park on Folly Beach.

Double wedding with dogs, singing Bible verses, lots of dancing, a butterfly in a jar, each of them greeting their guests and saying a bunch of gibberish into a hairbrush... they are so wonderful.

My handsome date for a wedding we went to downtown - we are so conservative.

Another picture of our new park.  Pirates and lighthouses are the theme.

I found a bike trailer for $12 at a sale so everyone has been getting rides. The only problem is it takes up a bunch of space at the apartment and I'm sure our neighbors are getting tired of it taking up the walkway.  

Birthday bike taxi downtown with my best friend.  It was such a fun night!  I look like I have dentures, but this is the only picture from that night!  Can't believe I am 36 years old.  Where does time go? Where has my upper lip gone?

Brother boy has to be standing up.

Sweet Noa has been very interested in brushing (and spraying) her hair lately.  You can't tell from this picture, but her part is soaking wet with hairspray.  I love her.

Library time with Brothie and the gash!  (Notice the scrape on his head from falling out of the wagon.) This was right around his 1st birthday.

What a difference a year makes!  Last year he was just a helpless little hotdog.  

The girls often sabotage my phone with selfies.  Here's Noa's version. This is how all of them look.  I need to teach them the difference between up angle and down angle pics...

Ruthie's version.  Just the eyes.

Lydie's version.  Are you serious?  I could eat this kid up.  Since we're going backwards through the last year, I'm giving you a spoiler alert: Lydie cut her own bangs and this picture showcases them well...