Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Fall Pics

First things first... Here's Kate at 28 weeks (I think). Tummy is definitely getting gigantic. I think I might be ready to be done being pregnant - maybe forever. :)
And here's the best buds!

Noa Jane with one of her favorite outfits. She's definitely getting very interested in girly things. She always wants to show Daddy her outfits after she gets ready in the mornings. So sweet. :)
Pumpkin time!
Toddler bed time! Here's Russ & Vance after they finished building the second bed. They are still in our garage waiting to be painted. I really want my garage back, but I'm so so so not motivated to paint right now! All I want to do is sit on the couch!
Garden gone wild!! Obviously, we have not kept up with, nor uprooted anything in our garden. It started going bad when the squash and zucchini were taken over by worms and I was so grossed out I didn't want to go out there anymore. This was actually really early on. We did get some tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and herbs, but nothing beyond that...
Amazingly enough, Noa still finds little tomatoes and peppers that are hanging on for dear life. Today she found 5 tomatoes. None of them were in great condition, but she thought she hit the jackpot. Here's our little gardener digging in the dirt and letting the "windy" blow her hair. :)
Not the best picture to leave you with, but had to post it just because I'm so amazed at the size of those glasses on Russ' head! Nerd Alert! And don't even look at me - not worth it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mother's Morning In

Today I took Noa in to the church, but Ruthie stayed with me because she has some kind of strange cough that amounts to nothing, but won't go away. I don't even think she's sick, but oh well, we're hanging out today. So, instead of having four glorious hours to get out and have time to myself, I have four hours at home, as usual. :) BUT, for each of my 7 readers this is good news! I am actually uploading a few videos for your enjoyment! Pictures of the last month to follow - but for now, here's the girls in action...

Two steps forward...

One step back... (Ruthie's preferred method)

Noa and her pumpkin.