Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Alright. Here's your chance to let us know what you think! Ultrasound is on Thursday.

Do we have a boy in the mix?

Or are we destined for a house full of sweet girls?

Side note: Russ couldn't take the pictures of the "real" boy & girl - too grossed out - so I changed it. Those were weird dolls!! Anyway, I was looking for more footprints for the boy, but all I could find was a girly pin with charms on it. If we have a boy he will never wear a pin like this, but I might start.

My vote is: I DON'T KNOW! How boring is that?! This week I have thought girl though - so we'll keep it at that. I have been wrong many, many times... :)

We'll be sure to let you know come Thursday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Grammy Visits! t

But first... Here's our sweet Babers with her favorite new buddy, Snoopy! Nanny & Pappy gave him to her for her birthday and she loves to cuddle with him. Unfortunately, right after this picture, she was sick for a week and threw up all over him. Poor Snoopy. He's still drying out in the garage (yes - with throw up on him - does anyone else do things like that and not get back to them, or is it just us?).
We found out that Mom had never been to a hibachi (sp?) restaurant, so we decided to go to Miyabi's one night. What fun!! Noa and Ruthie loved the fire and we had a great chef (what are they called?) who did all kinds of tricks for us. I think Mom loved it too.

Mom was great about playing with the girls constantly. I had a little break for a few days! And the girls are still asking where Grammy's bed went (had one set up in Ruthie's room for her), so they definitely miss their Grammy!

On a weird side note. Look at all these blue pens I found in our junk drawer! Many of you may remember my post about Russ a few years back about how he has little "collections" of things without realizing it. I HATE these pens. I HATE THEM! He brings them home from his office and now they are barfing out of our drawers! They're going back tomorrow!
Other than that, the girls have been busy watching their Sweetpea Beauty DVD that my parents sent them. We watch it every day and know all the words! Ugh. Ruthie is close to walking - finally. She's been standing up by herself for a few seconds (then falling), so I'm hoping that she wants to walk really soon. We're going this Thursday for Baby #3's ultrasound. We really have no idea what we think the baby is. We change our minds every week - so it will be exciting to finally know, especially since all of my pregnant friends who are about a month or two behind me have already found out what they're having. Anyway... until then!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Charlotte Trip

Last Sunday and Monday night, Nana & Pops were nice enough to watch the girls while Russ and I went to Charlotte for a get-away! I've never been away from either of the girls longer than one night, so as silly as it sounds, I was a little anxious about the trip. But, it was such a great time and a much needed break. We enjoyed just spending time together and reconnecting since lately we feel like all we do is get the girls dinner and baths and diapers and all of those things...
Russ had flowers waiting for me when we arrived at our suite!
We weren't totally alone, though. Here we are at Pottery Barn Kids (the perfect back-drop for a picture, with all of the things I desperately "need" for the new baby :). Baby #3 is about 18 weeks in this picture. Belly looks a little strange because of my pants, but anyway, there you have it.

We also went to one of our favorite restaurants (the only one that Charleston doesn't have - which is probably good for our wallet) P.F. Changs! We actually went twice! I have some pictures, but it is really too dark to see anything but a weird chinese statue in the corner - so why post those?

When we came home on Tuesday, we hit the ground running. The girls were their "full-of-energy" selves and we loved being able to squeeze them again!
Here's Noa with some little pig tails. She kept calling them her "little ponies." I chased her all over the house to get a picture until I finally cornered her by the toilet. Nice.
Cool Dude!
On Saturday we went down to the Farmer's Market downtown. The girls loved looking at all the people and their dogs and jumping in the big jump castles.
We were only a block away from the Children's Museum, so we decided to cool off inside for about an hour. Ruthie is finally getting old enough to enjoy some of the things they have there - which makes the trip a lot more fun.
Noa in the "Water Room"

What a great week! I wish Russ and I could dash off to some place every week!! We've gotta do it as much as possible before this next little one comes. Our ultrasound to find out what we're having (and more) is scheduled for September 30th - so less than a month and we'll know whether we're destined for a whole lot of girls, or if a sweet boy will break up the mix. We could care less - which I guess is a good thing since it is already determined anyway... :)