Monday, September 17, 2012

No Coincidence

Well, I went in for my non-stress test today and other than being the patient who fell through the cracks (I was there for over 3 hours - mostly waiting), it was an awesome appointment! I asked Dr. Mauldin if by feeling my belly, she could tell whether or not the baby was still breech. She felt around and said it still seemed like he was breech. Boo. (The NST tech had previously given me some hope based on where his heartbeat was, so I was hoping for a different answer.) But then she wanted to double check so she ran and grabbed an ultrasound machine. Sure enough, he turned! Baby boy is head down and in the perfect position for a VBAC! Dr. Mauldin just kept saying, "No way! No way!" So we went ahead and scheduled an INDUCTION on Monday, October 8th which will be at the beginning of the 38th week of pregnancy. Having had 2 other vaginal deliveries is a good indicator that I can have another one, as long as the baby fits, which is why they are scheduling a little early to see if they can get ahead of some of the weight gain the baby might have. All of my other babies were delivered at 39 weeks (and still quite large!), so that is also favorable! All that to say, THINGS LOOK FAVORABLE FOR AN INDUCTION!!!!!!

Now, I know babies can flip around a lot, and can do so late in the pregnancy. I don't think that it is any coincidence though, that our whole church family prayed for us yesterday in the service. Last Thursday, the baby was breech. Today he is not. In between those two events (and before and after) was a lot of prayer. So we will just keep praying! We are praying he stays in the right position (Dr. said that was likely), that my body is receptive to induction at 38 weeks (this is the biggest prayer request), that the baby won't get stuck, and that everyone is healthy and whole. Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Krispy Kreme

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Russ leaves very early in the morning. Usually I'm dragging myself out of bed to meet my chipper, 6 o'clock wakers, but today I was ready for them! I guess it helped that they woke up 45 minutes later than usual.

The weather is awesome today, and was even cooler in the morning, so we decided to get out and go to the park, stopping at McDonalds for breakfast. This is my second time going to a park downtown that is enclosed. What a difference that makes! I can sit on the park bench in the shade and they can run around wherever they want without me worrying about them. I don't have any pictures but we stayed for about an hour and then I started getting sentimental, thinking that this was my last few weeks with "just the girls." So, we decided to go to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts. They were elated when I told them we were going inside and not just through the drive thru. Ruthie and I had custard filled/chocolate covered ones and Noa and Lyd had sprinkles. They were a little bit to manage, but there was no one in there and the older people working just loved watching them. Win-win!

They were fascinated by the machine making the doughnuts and watched the assembly line through the window for quite a while. They are all sugared up now, so probably won't take good naps. ;) I, on the other hand, am very tired and forget how much all of that takes out of you when you're as big as a house. But it was totally worth it to have some fun with my girls before the baby comes. They are precious and I am thankful for them! Now I have to think of something extra healthy for dinner since we are full of junk...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Update on Baby Brother - Week 34

Well, I had another Ultrasound this morning and Caleb (more on the name decision later) is still breech. Amniotic fluid is still high, but they still don't seem that concerned about it. It hasn't gotten any higher, just hasn't gone down. I talked to Dr. Mauldin (whom I just love) who said the further along we get, the less likely baby is to turn, so it is looking like this baby will stay breech unless something divine happens. :) I asked her about turning the baby but she wasn't keen on doing anything like that because of me being high risk on so many levels. (1. Diabetes, 2. Large baby, 3. High fluid, 4. Previous C-section, 5. Early induction (around week 38)) All of these things make a "version" (what it is called) more risky. I'm fine with that. We have prayed all along that if a VBAC was not a good idea for us, that the Lord would make it easy for us to make the decision for a c-section. If brother stays in the breech position, our decision is quite easy because there ain't no way I'm aiming for a diabetic, gigantic, breech VBAC. But if he switches, I think we'll still try the VBAC. In our appointment, she mentioned that I seemed so laid back about the whole thing. I told her that while I would definitely prefer a VBAC, I knew it was in the Lord's hands and I truly do have peace about it, even if the recovery is much more difficult. I know we are surrounded by so many people who will help (and have helped!). What a blessing. I was thankful for even that small moment to express our trust in the Lord.

No good pictures today. Is it crazy that the ultrasounds are getting a little boring to me? Just a bunch of gray blobs on the screen and awkward conversation with the tech. Only one more month though! I think I may have the option to schedule either the induction or c-section on my birthday. I think it would be cool! Russ doesn't like the idea. Any thoughts???