Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Strawberry Pickin' Days and Low Expectations

So, I couldn't let a good strawberry picking season go by without a few pictures on the blog.  I know, I know... the blog has been down for a while.  Quite honestly it is just another thing to do - and I already have enough of those.  But, for the sake of my lovely Mom, I thought I would post a few pics from time to time and hopefully, *hopefully* keep up with it AT LEAST on a monthly basis.  We'll see.  4 kids ain't no joke!!!!  Especially when one is a nursing baby!

April in Charleston means Strawberry time!  Actually, it was a tad early.  Strawberries were out, but they will be juicier and more plentiful probably in a few weeks.  We're going to go back since today's adventure landed us ZERO strawberries.  The girls ate some along the way.  At one point, Noa even had a bucket full. But somehow they were gone when we left.  I'm not sure if she ate them or if the bucket tipped.  Either way, no jam for us... 

BUT WHO CARES?!  The more kids I have, the more I feel like I need to lower my expectations.  I would've been so stressed out if I had wanted to bring home a ton of berries today, while goin' it alone with 4 kids.  My only expectations were to get there in one piece (which we did!), and to have fun with friends (which we did!).  See what a victorious day we had???  I need to start applying this to my time with the kids each day.  It is certainly o.k. to expect some things, but when I get myself all in a wad about it, usually the day goes downhill fast.  But enough talk... here's some cute kids...
Stinky feet!!!

Brothie was a trooper.  It was a little windy, so he totally did NOT want to be there.  He wanted to sleep.  Eventually he fell asleep on me.  I'd like to think my heartbeat had something to do with that... so miraculous.  ;)

Yaya Joy (A name she gave herself.  She thinks everyone's middle name is "Joy.")

Here's a bad selfie of me and Brother.  Focusing so hard on getting the picture! Sun in my eyes!  I can't remember a strawberry picking adventure without a kid strapped to the front of me so I had to document that it was happening once again... This time Caleb was my helper. 

Lydie soon tired of finding strawberries after about the fourth one.

Why no smile, Lyds?

Dawn's crew.  Nothin' says Johns Island like Dawn.

Ruthie and her favorite shirt.  It is not MY favorite shirt which is why we chose it for strawberry picking.  I was hoping she would totally destroy it.  Didn't happen.

O.k., o.k.  Now I get what people are saying about Ruthie and Lydie looking alike.  They are so incredibly different that I see similarities, but I've never really seen it like I see it in this picture.  I wonder if they will be even MORE similar when Lydie loses those chubby cheeksters.  It will be a sad day.  :(

Shandy's crew.  Smart enough to bring a stroller!

Ivana showing off her baby love in the back.  And Sue being sweet Sue.

Sweet Ansley.  Her hair and her personality match.

Lydie couldn't quite get the hang of the bag inside the bucket thing.

Get IN the picture with your kids, Jackie!  Brother was crying, Lydie was running away, Noa and Ruthie were mildly supportive of the family pic.  Not all it is cracked up to be.

Rode home with a car full of dirt faces.  And hands.  And feet.  And bellies full of strawberries.