Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Russ and I were laughing at all the different nicknames we've given Noa in only 4 months so I thought I would share a few with you. She definitely doesn't know her name yet and it is probably because we have so many other names for her.

"Girl" - Definitely the most frequent - we say "The Girl" if we're talking about her. Actually, she might think this is her name.
"Noa Needs" - In stead of Noa Jane if she's having a particularly needy day - Sometimes we shorten it to just "Needs."
"Jumps" - If she is in her Jonny Jumper
"Cutie Sweetie" or "Sweetie Cutie" - Interchangeable
"Neck" - She has a big double chin so she's able to hide things in her neck. We find them when she takes a bath. Yep, you're reading this right... We just call her "Neck."
"Cutie Cuteness" - What we should've named her instead of Noa Jane.
"Hungries" - We usually say, 'Do you want to get some hungries?' or "Do you have hungries in your tummy?,' but sometimes we just call her "Hungries."
"Cranks" - Another name for "Needs"
"Mary Poopins" - No explanation needed
"Stinky Stinks" - Again, no explanation needed


Lindsay said...

This is a great post. It leaves me inspired to do the same thing. Perhaps...
Hey. When are you guys coming out here for a visit?!

The Cooks said...

Cutie Cuteness? Really? : )

My favorite is "Neck"! Haha. That's funny. If you guys were my parents, I definitely would have been something like "LEGS!" or "ROLLS!" or maybe something simple like "BIG FAT BABY!"

You've seen pictures, right? : )

Oh man, I love that girl.

G-Metal, Coco and Angel Face said...

I like hungries. That'd be my nickname. Let's hope the OB doesn't call me that today after he sees my new weight posted on the chart (I'm scared to see how much I've gained)!!!

The Martins said...

I Love it! It's funny how many crazy names you can come up with. Poor kids will never know their real names! Haha.