Thursday, September 11, 2008

Giggly Girl

This girl absolutely LOVES her Daddy! Mommy is the one in charge of all the boring things and Daddy is the one who has cool sound effects and just wants to play all the time. How can you compete with that? Here are some sweet videos of Russ' sound effects and Noa's giggling, which they both do quite often.
video video


Nickel Mom said...

How DO Daddy's end up with all the fun stuff and Mommy ends up with all the YUCK/BORING stuff! That's how it is at our house too! She sure is a cutie! :O)

The Weeks Family said...

those are so sweet! yea, daddys are the best. My kids still get WAY more excited to see daddy walk through the door than me. :( I'm the one who is best at middle of the night sickness, scary dreams and boo boos. Daddy is the one who runs, plays and acts goofy! Isn't is great how God designed parenthood to give the kids the perfect balance of what they need??

The Cooks said...

Russ, Grandma taught you well.

Those are really cute.

G-Metal, Coco and Angel Face said...

Awwww, doesn't it melt your heart to see your hubby with your baby!! Too cute. Guillermo always gets the best laughs out of Judah too. I'm loud and obnoxious and give good tickles too! What gives!! :)