Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Christmas Party

So, Nanny and Pappy decided to do something a little different this year at the family Christmas Eve party. Rather than handing everyone a card with money in it, all the grandkids had to choose our own envelope (out of like 32, I think) and the base amount was $50, but a few envelopes had more in them. Only one envelope contained $100 (we found this out later). Noa picked #2 so she was the second one to go. We let her hover over all of the envelopes and she honed in on, and grabbed up her own. Like the high rollers in Vegas, she definitely had a way about her and evidently knew what she was doing. We opened it and *BAM* Girl got the $100! Is she funny or what? Merry Christmas to Noa Jane!


The Weeks Family said...

way to go, Noa! Maybe she should buy a lotto ticket for you! :)

Nickel Mom said...

Good girl, Noa! What ever will she do with all that shopping money? I hope to see a post later of her shopping with her hundred!:) How fun!

The Cooks said...

We look forward to you guys taking us out to dinner when we get there!