Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bath - video trial

So, we're pretty low-tech around here.  Embarrassingly so.  Russ just told me that I could upload videos to YouTube and link them to my blog - so this is my first attempt at doing so.  We'll see if it works!  
Click here to be a part of Noa's bath time.
Click here to see Ruthie's first bath.


Judah said...

ok, well.. it looks like ruthie and zion are about the same size!!!..(my girls looking tall & on the lean side:)
she's adorable jacks!
you know I love those chuncky babies, my girl ruthie!!
talk soon.
love you.

Claire said...

Hey Jackie-

Do you want to know how to put them in your posts so people can view them from your blog without having to go to youtube? If not, its all good. But if you do, I'll let you know [I just learned myself :)]

Cant wait to meet Ruthie in person!


jenny said...

You guys are "high tech"! I don't even know how to do what you did.
Your girls are precious!
We love you guys.

Claire said...

Hi- so apparently, I dont have your email address, so sorry, comment readers, but put up with some "high tech" discussion :)

After you post your video to youtube, there should be a section on the right of the video listing the URL and the Embedding information. Copy the embed info- then, back on your blog, you know how you can view a post [as you are writing it in "Edit HTML" or "Compose." Click on the Edit HTML view and Paste the Embed code into there- then switch back to "compose" to see it and type your intro, disclosure, explanation etc. Make sense? Let me know if not. And I'll try to clarify more. The only downside to this is that you cant view in full screen.

Also, just so you know, as you say you have hours for wee morning blog perusal :) Brandon and I each have our own blogs- and I update mine more often than our Loy blog. Just in case you are bored.

Peace and love!