Thursday, January 28, 2010


Noa is so funny. She saw the cover of one of Russ' books that has this guy with his face stuffed with fries (I'm sure you've seen the Supersize Me cover). Anyway, she's always talking about fries! We've gone through the drive-thru once to get her some fries and now almost every time we get in the car she's yelling, "Pries! Pries!" For only having them twice in her life, they sure made an impact on her! (I must admit that fries have made quite an impact on me too.)

So, today we went through the bank and she started yelling, "Pries! Pries! Pries!" I explained that this was a bank and not fast food. Definitely confused her. She couldn't understand why those sweet ladies couldn't send fries through the tube to us! I wish they would too!
Here she is having a movie day. :)
Last night I just wanted some peace and quiet during dinner time. She had already eaten, so I put a little bit of water in a pan, gave her some beaters, and then dumped a little bit of rice in there too. It kept her busy for like 45 minutes! Sure I had to clean up the floor afterwards, but it was worth it!
And Ruthie is still the Queen of Cuteness. :)


The Weeks Family said...

Noa, I hear ya girl! And if it was Micky D's "pries", they definitely make a lifelong impact!

Home school Mom said...

Oh, I gotta me some fries!! :)) I hope she gets some soon!! :)))
Ruthie truly is SO cute!!