Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Teeth Update

Noa is so funny. I feel like we're just starting to get into a regular routine with brushing her teeth. I know. TERRIBLE, right?! I'm so behind! Not that we haven't been brushing, but it was at random times instead of part of the nightly routine. Anyway... she loves it! I got her this totally annoying Veggie Tales toothbrush that plays songs while you brush. I feel like this toothbrush has better speakers than anything in the house. It is sooo loud! And distorted sounding. She likes to play it over and over right up next to her face. Gives me a headache. Thankfully I have another low-key one for her that has a little bear on it or something - no music.

Anyway, she calls her toothbrush her "top teeth." I don't know why, but she's always pointing to it and saying, "Top tee! Top tee!" We have so many opportunities to talk about her "top teeth!" I'm glad she likes it though. At least we're not fighting to get her to do it!

Speaking of Veggie Tales - we lost her Elmo DVD (kind of glad about it and have no idea where it went!), and "Tales" is becoming her favorite. She asks for "tales" about 95 times a day. She also has these little Veggie Tales fruit snacks and she loves to hold the box and look at the "tales" while eating her "tales" and watching her "tales" DVD. Overload! But I love to watch her sing along with the songs. She only knows 3 or 4 words of every song, but she sings right along.
She's also been so into babies lately! We have a picture Bible that we read a story from every night and she's always trying to turn all the pages (quite destructively) saying, "fonna babies, fonna babies" which means, "find the babies." It is a wonder we ever get through any story in there. Actually, a lot of times we don't! We just have to find some babies, pray, and that's it! Sweet girl. :)

Ruthie is getting to be such a big girl too! She now has 2 bottom teeth and is constantly letting us know how much pain she's in. Poor thing! She's been up all night quite a few times lately and sleeping in our bathroom so she doesn't wake Noa up with her screaming. We're so tired!! And she is too! She's been rolling over quite a bit and (unless teething) is a very smiley and sweet baby.
(sorry for the orientation of this picture - I can't change it.)
I also took the girls for a doctor's appointment last week. Alissa was a great helper and it was a dreadful appointment. I actually think that appointment caused me to be done with our doctor's office, but that's a different story. Everyone's healthy. Everything checked out. We finally figured out that Noa (21 months) now weighs 29 pounds and Ruthie (6 months) weighs 15 pounds. I never remember the measurements for their height, but Noa is in the 90th percentile for weight, head, and height, and Ruthie is in the 90th for height, 75th for head, and 50th for weight. Tall and skinny. They did great even though they both had to get 3 shots. I just hate getting those stupid shots! :(

That's the latest. I haven't been writing that much lately - so thought I would give you all an update. Much love!


Melissa said...

I love Noa's "Pony"...love these girls so much!

Home school Mom said...

Awww....they're so cute! I love getting updates and pictures of them! :D Glad everyone is doing well and growing big! I can't believe how grown up Noa looks! She doesn't look like a baby anymore.....she's a little girl! :))) Ruthie is SO beautiful!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

What sweet sissys! I love, love the pic of them laying together on the boppy, they look like bffs (which I know they are/will be). To read your girls weights makes me laugh, only because they are so high on the charts and just yesterday- both boys were weighed- Judah is 36lbs (he'll be three in may) and Quinn is 28lbs (he's 14mons)- making me think where on earth are they on the charts!!

Made For You By Mrs Woo said...

I can't get over how much Noa looks like her Aunt Melissa!!! Y'all are such a gorgeous family!