Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer's Here!

We decided to blow up Noa's kiddie pool that Uncle Dan bought her last year (I was way too lazy to mess with it last year) and someone is happy as a lark! Noa just smiled and smiled and looked so cute in her new swim suit. She kept calling it, "the poop," and kept saying, "in-a poop. In-a poop. Mommy poop. Daddy poop. Baby poop." We are working on our L's. :)


Anonymous said...

brave brave jackie..
i thought she'd be sportin a bikini:)w/her new poop..
had no idea her hair was so long.

Anonymous said...

oh and where the heck's ruthie.. she must sleep all day.

Jackie Miller said...

Yeah, her hair is long! I've decided to grow out her bangs too. We'll see how it goes. We usually have it up in a pony though.

This was Monday, so Russ was home and one of us was holding Ruthie. So, no, she wasn't sleeping, but she does sleep quite a bit. :) I love it and hope she never, ever, ever outgrows it.

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Noa is Soooo super cute! Ask Noa if I can come take a dip in her poop. CAuse I be hot up in 'ere. ;)