Thursday, October 7, 2010


Noa wanted me to take a picture of her "cereals" to show everyone. Grandma & Grandpa Roberts sent this shirt down and she loves it! She keeps saying, "I wanna eat 'em!" Me too!! The main thing about this picture that I want everyone to notice though is that we are wearing long sleeves!!!!!! Finally!
On Friday nights we've been having Pizza night. We may have to change it since we're finding out that Noa doesn't really care for pizza (weird!), but she sure enjoys helping Daddy make the pizza (just like Caillou)!
We asked her to put the turkey pepperonis on and after a while we noticed that the pizza was still blank. She ate one and decided she would rather eat the whole bag than put them on the pizza. I don't blame her! :)
We love our yogurt around here! Especially Ruthie!
We do clean up pretty well too! What a sweet girlie! That bow stayed in her hair for about 3 minutes... oh well.
And Noa has a little message for everyone...
That's right. We decided on a name for girlie #3! Her full name is Katherine Rae Miller, but we'll call her 'Kate.' Katherine means 'pure,' and Rae is my Mom's middle name, a derivative of Rachel, meaning 'lamb.' Can't wait to meet you Baby Kate!

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G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I LOOOVE the name!!!! I was just thinking the other day what an awesome name Kate is! Fa Realz! :)

And the girls are so adorable. I think adults need to wear clothes with their favorite junk foods on it too. I think tomorrow I'll wear a twinkie shirt. And yell, I wannnna eat it and point to my shirt!