Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Until next time, Michigan...

But first... what is going on with Babers' hair? It is as if a banana clip is holding it up, but I think it is just greasy!

Quick trip to Seabrook/Kiawah Island before we decided on a whim to visit Michigan.

Grammy's house! Noa was Cheeto crazy on this trip!

Not sure why I don't have pictures from Mark & Betsy's house. I'm always better at taking pictures towards the end of the trip when I realize time is running out. Thankfully Betsy took these pictures.

The second half of our trip was at my Dad's house. The girls loved playing at the mall and riding the carousel.

"Coo Crith" ("Uncle Chris" in Ruthie's language) and Daddy were nice enough to ride along with them twice.

Mommy & Daddy's night out to see the stupidest movie in the world. We still enjoyed our little break! :)

More pool time at Dad's.

We drove all the way out to pick raspberries but it was closed!! They were nice enough to let us visit their petting zoo though. The girls loved the goats and Noa especially loved feeding the baby goats.

Noa is less than enthused about Mommy making her stand by the growth chart in the 95 degree heat...


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Your trip looks incredible!! I'm so glad ya'll got to go. I miss MI in the summers. The girls are so adorable and are growing up so big, especially Ruthie, she's like a big girl now, and not a baby!

I have to know, what's the "stupid movie"?? ;)

Irene Weeks said...

Looks like fun! I just saw on either groupon or living social that they have a 1 night get-a-way in Cadillac, MI! Too bad you didn't have that to go along with your stupid movie night!!! :)

Home school Mom said...

It was so much fun to have you visit! I'm so glad you could stay with us! We really enjoyed seeing you, Russ and the girls again! Come anytime! ;))
Looks like you had great time with your family as well! I'm sure that made their summer! ;)

Bev said...

So glad that everyone was able to visit. It sure looks like the "crew' enjoyed themselves!