Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy and Sick. Still Beautiful.

Sorry for being a little MIA lately. October slammed us right in the face and we haven't stopped going, going, going since then. I'm over it, if you want me to be honest. Had Dan's wedding, Mom & Abs in town, Russ had the Man Retreat, the whole family went on the youth retreat and we've been in and out of sickness the whole time. Everyone is over the coughing, snotty, congested mess except me and Lydie. Blaaaah!!!!! I just want my normal voice back! And Russ and I need a date! Bad! So bad! A good date though! Not one that is just like an hour and a half at a restaurant we've eaten at 30 times. I'm talking a really good date. We need to get out of Dodge! Our kids are very, very present all the time. I'm sure that's how everyone's kids are, but lately we've been feeling like they are every where we turn! And if they're not right there, we can hear them destroying something in the background, so we're hunting them down! Ah! Anyway. Been real bad with taking pictures lately. We did have these gorgeous photos taken by Sally. I love them. She was able to capture each girl's personality perfectly. I need to weed through them to print some off for our house... The to-do list just keeps growing. Anyway, here's a few of my favorite shots of our lovely little ladies. I heart them!!!

Noa wouldn't stop posing. Cute!!

Stop it Babers. You're killin' me.
I think Lydie thinks this is a smile. :)

Yes, Hooie is officially part of the family. Even made it into the family photo shoot!

Notice how Noa is stealing the cherry from Ruthie. Caught red handed!


Melissa Edwards said...

You're girls are so adorable! Those pictures are beautiful! I completely understand what you mean with needing life to just slow down for a minute!! I don't know where October went and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Hope things slow down a bit for you! Get you a DATE NIGHT!!!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I looove these pics! The girls are adorable and Jackie, you are so photogenic!! It's crazy how busy things get in the fall, but hopefully you're able to squeeze in that date night soon! I'm sorry we missed ya'll the other night for dinner, please-please think of us again when you're in the north area!

Jenny G. said...

I really like the new photos! So cute! :) Thanks for sharing!!! Hope all is better REALLY soon!

Bev said...

Showed all your pictures to Great Grandma over Thanksgiving. Thnaks for the great posts to share with her.