Saturday, December 3, 2011

O.k. So I'm a little weird...

Why am I taking (and posting) these weird pictures? I thought of a great idea! I was trying to think of things to put in the girls stockings and I decided to do a photo shoot of their toys. Noa was SOOOOO into the idea! She got her babies all ready and started positioning them for the pics (albeit they were stuffed in the back of the couch, but that's how she wanted them). So, I picked up 2 little photo books at the dollar store ($2) and printed off all of these pictures, and I'm sure her and Ruthie will go crazy over them!
Here's Hooie changing his diaper (Ruthie's idea).
Noa, a proud mommy. When I showed her the pictures, she kept saying, "Awww. They're so cute. She looks gorgeous! Awww... sweet girls." Ha! :)
This is the weirdest one!! Look at those eyes!!

Here's some other pictures I found from when Mom & Abby were here. We went to the pumpkin patch with Noa's class (even though we really couldn't find them) and got some pumpkins!

Sweet little Ya!
A normal morning for Daddy. Wow. What do you do with all that l.o.v.e. ???!!!!
And I will leave you with this incredible picture of Babers. Any guesses on what she was eating?
M&Ms! How can anyone make M&Ms that messy and disgusting. Babers will find a way! And as we were carrying her to the bath, she proceeded to put her gross handprint all over the walls of the bathroom. She still talks about her M&Ms and is very sad that we wiped them off the wall.


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Your Christmas gift idea of the toy photo shoot of the toys is brilliant! I would have loved that as a kid! And is it just me or do all baby dolls look creepy? I love the pic of Russ with his girls, my Dad had a ton of pics like that of my sisters and I, I always felt bad for him with all that estrogen and shopping, but he wouldn't have wanted it another way... I wouldn't either. Two close in age sisters is the best!

Home school Mom said...

Jenna would LOVE the photo book idea. In fact, we have made photo books for her and she LOVES them. I think those are great gifts for people that think everything is a treasure! ;) Love the last picture of the scary baby. ha!
So much going on with all those pictures...I don't know where to start. Did that say $10 for a PUMPKIN????? I hope not...that's insane, unless SC has very special pumpkins! :D I hate to see the price of a Christmas tree there.... ;D
Babers....that's so funny. She has such personality! They all crack me up. Keep posting....I love seeing those girls! ;)
PS...Did you order the material?