Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

"Cheese!" Look at all those teeth!
Scary!  Ghouls!  Ruthie didn't get it
The girls kept putting that gourd in his car seat with him
Caleb was the easiest to photograph
Check out that cowlick - super sweet!

Quite a challenging picture to take
This may have been the best one we got...pathetic
Lydie was fine if she was by herself
Definitely didn't want to be part of the group
Ruthie loves to hold and take care of Baby Brother
So our time at the pumpkin patch was short and sweet this year.  These blue outfits were all I could come up with and I'm not even sure I like them.  Oh well.  Brain is on overload lately.  But I love the kids in the blue outfits!  I asked Russ to bring his camera and it was quite a challenging little (very little) photo shoot.  The girls were running around like crazy and it was hard to corral them for a picture, but at least we got a few that sort of work.  Caleb slept the whole time. It was all of about 15 minutes, but that was enough for us.  They each picked out a small pumpkin (they wanted the smallest, cheapest ones!) and now they carry them around constantly.  I think they're even sleeping with them.  I remember this craziness from last year.  We bought a big pumpkin to carve too, but have yet to do it.  Happy Halloween everyone! ;)

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G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

The kids look so cute matching! Lydia looks like such a big girl now! Caleb is so beautiful!! It looks like life with 4 is going well! Hopefully the more kids we have the more relaxed we get, like mrs kid will be jumping off the roof and we'll be like, look how cute you are, just like superman! Lol!