Friday, December 14, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

Oh my goodness.  It has been forever since I've updated this blog!  Part of it has been computer problems, and part of it has been sheer exhaustion.  4 kids ain't no joke!  I find that on a normal day, I just don't stop.  If I stop, something goes wrong.  Even after the kids go down, we're usually folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, getting things ready for the next day...  I can't wait until the girls are old enough to help with some of it.  They help a little bit now, but it is with MUCH assistance, and sometimes I'd rather do it by myself.  :)  Anyway, here's some pictures from the last month, in no particular order, because that would take about 45 minutes longer... 
Ruthie has a baby in her tummy!

Noa has a baby in her tummy!

The girls watching TV.  This is when Ruthie had some stash of soap that we couldn't find and after a bath, she kept slicking down her hair with it.  I was the happiest Mom alive the day I found that darn soap.

Noa and Ruthie had dentist appointments with Dr. Chris.  They were both CHAMPS and went through the whole appointment without any problems.  This is a stark contrast to the appointment 6 months ago when I took all 3 girls to MY appointment (while pregnant) and they crushed Pringles all over Dr. Chris' office while watching Veggie Tales. They were allowed to pick out a prize since they were so "good" and I (still pregnant) had to carry Ruthie out of the office kicking and screaming (while pushing Lydia in the stroller) because she wouldn't choose just one prize.  I had to pry them from her hands.  Needless to say, things have progressed.  I'm not sure why I thought taking 3 kids to my appointment would work, but live and learn...

We've decided that pig tails is Ya's best look.

Ruthie lovin' on Brothie.

Sweet kids.  I love this picture.

Brother Boy. Brothie. Buddy Boy. K-Bob. Caleb.
No shortage of nicknames in our house.

Went to the lights and rode the carousel.  Daddy braved it while Mommy held Caleb.  Noa is somewhere else, goin' it alone.

Ya-baby stealing a moment on Ruthie's bike.  I'm sure that 5 seconds later, Ruthie screamed and assaulted her for riding it, but she seems to be enjoying this moment.  Poor baby.

This is some kind of bunk bed that the girls came up with.
Whatever keeps them busy...

Day at Brownswood Nursery with Pops and Cousin Micah. Ruthie got to go by herself since everyone else was sick...or just getting sick...or something.  I can't quite remember. Anyway, she was the big-shot that day.

Noa and Lyd play well together.
Here they are laying in Noa's bed, being buddies.

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