Friday, December 13, 2013

Evidently Everyone Thinks Kids Don't Get Enough Candy

I'm not kidding.  Everywhere we go these kids are getting candy.  Our apartment manager lives in the same building as us and if the kids are outside (which is all the time), she has a sucker every time she sees them.  She has been known to give them up to three suckers in one day...three sticky, nasty, teeth-rotting suckers.  Why?  Stop it.  The bank is notorious for their suckers too.  Today I took all of them to the Children's Museum and low and behold, today is National Hot Coco Day and we managed to get there at the exact moment that they were having story time, sipping hot coco, and passing out candy canes.  The kids were thrilled.  I was thinking about the sticky, chocolatey mess.  What are the chances? ;)
Sipping Coco in the medieval castle
Beautiful.  Both of them.
Challenging Thanksgiving picture
Seriously, could they get any cuter?
And if Brothie isn't getting candy when we're out and about, he's getting Oreos at home.  I think I am turning into my mother.
Took a trip to Bee City recently with a bunch of homeschool friends.  The kids love that place!
Noa and Lilly
Ruthie on the warthog
Add Broth
Ruthie and Harper on the dino
Lyds feeding goats
On the train
Noa really liked feeding all of the animals.  Notice there are no pictures of Ruthie feeding anything.  She is terrified of all animals, just like her mother.  There was a herd of chickens roaming around Bee City, tormenting her and myself.
Lyds on the "Daddy Horse"
Ruthie on the "Mommy Horse"
Sweet, little Broth was all tuckered out. 
'Tis the season.  "Happy Christmas," from Noa!
Recently, we went Christmast shopping and it totally wrecked us.  We were sooo tired.   
Ruthie found a helmet.
Lydie won't stop picking that thing by her eye.
Brothie and his Target popcorn
We had been waiting for these ants for our ant hill to arrive (from Utah) for a while and when they did, they were almost all dead.  Poor guys.  Noa thinks they are pets, so she's not happy that most of them are curled up in a ball at the bottom of the ant hill.  :(  Notice the contact information that I have to use to get more ants.
Lastly, Ruthie has been wanting to wear socks with her high heels lately.  It is so horrible.  Today she found socks that actually MATCHED her high heels!  Even worse!  That's how we roll, though.  I'm sure people wonder what we dress our kids in sometimes.  Answer is: We don't!  They dress themselves!

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