Monday, March 31, 2008

Friends Came to Visit

Jenn and Alissa came a few weeks ago for a visit. We had a great time going to Kiawah, shopping downtown, and basically relaxing. We took these pictures in the backyard. I'm not sure why we decided to do that - but anyway...I think I was 33 weeks at this point. Getting bigger by the minute. :)


The Cooks said...

YOU HAVE A BLOG!!! And did not tell us!! (Gasp!)

Serious trouble, you guys. I mean serious trouble!

I'll have to rough you guys up when I come to visit NEXT WEEK!! Yay!

Jackie, you look wonderful, by the way!

Cannot wait to see you in person!

My goodness, look at all the exclamation points. I've just SCREAMED this whole comment!!!!!!!!!

I'm just so excited to see you!!!!!

Joey and Nikki said...

I was in the bedroom reading and joey runs in to tell me, "Russ and Jackie have a blog, RUss and Jackie have a blog"...I had no choice but to arise at that precise moment, get out of bed, and come see Russ and Jackie's blog; otherwise, the dramam is our house would have reached the roof's limit...:)
we were so looking foward to seeing you guys this weekend...maybe we can still make it next weekend...
so glad you have this blog up and runnin..
Jackie, my email is I would love to chat about the birth...really! You'll do great.. keep focused on one thing and give yourself to the process of what's happening... you're there before you realized it, holding baby Noa- and fully forgeting about any of the pains along the way:))

Joey and Nikki said...

woops... I meant to say the "drama in our house would have reached our roofs limit"...(Jackie, I felt like you looking for the ride-side-up button for your picutres; how do you edit a post you already did- i guess this way:))

Russ... joey said he thinks you and I would have just made fun of him the whole time anyway.
I say it's that we know him well enough to help save his life from himself...haha

Jonathan & Emily said...

Seems like everyone is excited you have a blog! Me too! It's so much fun to keep up with people and see fun pictures!

Can't wait to see little Baby Noa!