Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Little Chicken

Noa has been having a little trouble with Jaundice. It is nothing to worry about, but Dr. Hutton wanted us to put her in sunlight (through a window) continually throughout the day. Unfortunately, we don't get any direct sunlight in our house, so we have to take her out to the car and turn her like a rotisserie chicken! I feel like she will burn because she gets so red, but I think she likes it.

The first "treatment" was the first time I was able to really look at her body, since she's been wrapped up so much. Look at all that peach fuzz!!

Today at the doctor, we got a good shot of her Werewolf ear. This must be what takes over her body during feedings...

Just hangin' out in the Boopy waiting for Mom to get ready.

Just one last shot of a typical day this week.


The Cooks said...

Awwwww -- my mom says I was that fuzzy too.

It makes me love her that much more.

So precious to me.

Nickel Mom said...

She is so precious and CHUBBY!!! I can't believe how much chub she has and how big she is! What a sweetheart! You all look so happy! What a pretty family! :o)
Can't wait to hold her!! Keep sending the pics...I love 'em!

james said... kinda baby!
She's beautiful and her parents are already doing a fabulous job. Jackie, you're the woman -- new family poundage record for first babies!
It was so awesome getting to love on her a little while the other day.

Love ya,
Great Auntie Libster

thetalbotts said...

You forgot to mention the part about your great friends who locked you out of their sunny house so that's why your poor baby had to bake in the car! We feel so bad! We've just been gone a few days, & after reading all of the blog posts, we feel like we've missed out on so much! Can't wait to see that precious little girl again.