Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Week of Firsts

My Mom wanted me to wear this outfit home from the hospital.

Didn't my Dad do a good job swaddling me?

I like to smile in my sleep.

This was my first trip around the block. I love my stroller!

This is the face I make right before the crazy eating monster shows up and takes over my body. Sometimes I get mad.

And today I went to see Dr. Hutton at her office for the first time. I was pretty good, but I didn't like when they took all my clothes off and weighed me, so I got rrrreeeaaallllyyyy mad. But, obviously, Mommy didn't want to take a picture of my mad face...


Nickel Mom said...

She is soooo sweet!! Thank you for leaving more pictures! I check every day! :o) She is very chubby and so precious! I can see both of you in her! She's a mix!

Jonathan & Emily said...

Congrats Russ and Jackie! So excited for you both. Noa is just precious! Love all the pictures.

The Cooks said...

She IS a good mix. I think she has a little both of you in her. Beautiful.

I think I am coming in on May 29th for Leah's graduation. Please reserve some time for me to kiss those sweet cheeks!

I love you!

The Weeks Family said...

Sooo sweet. Dr. Hutton is our ped. too. I love her. I wish I had Russ around when mine were babies. We never got that swaddling thing down. (always seemed to wiggle out of it!) Love you guys...she is precious.