Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun with The Nickel Family!

We just got back from visiting some friends in Florida. First, we stopped in Orlando and hung out with Betsy, Mark, Jacob, Jenna, and Peyton. The kids just adored Noa and we had fun lounging around with them and swimming in the pool.

Jenna and Noa are twins! You wouldn't believe what went into taking this picture. We tried the first time and Noa had a spit-up/pooping spell. She pooped through her outfit AND Jenna's! So, we did the laundry and quickly took the pictures before it happened again. Thanks Jenna for being so patient!

Noa did really well in the pool! This was her 2nd time in a pool. She only lasted about 3 minutes the first time, but this time she was in there about 30 minutes and the water was cold! Look at that cute suit!

Russ and the boys became fast friends!

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