Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hot Stuff

Noa loves to stand while you hold her and I can tell she thinks she's a rock star. I decided to give her legs a stretch and put her in the jumper yesterday - boy did she think she was hot stuff! She couldn't quite jump yet, but I could tell she loved the independence. She got very mad at me when I took her out (after she had spit-up like 4 times!), so it looks like we'll have to work the jumper into our normal daily routine.


Vanderklok Family said...

She sounds like she has such a spunky personality. I hope to meet her one day! This is very off topic, but everytime I find worship music I love, I think of you. I love this song:

G-Metal, Coco and Angel Face said...

You are so funny. Seriously, can I have cheese cake for breakfast EVERY day??? Ha. Actually cheese cake is the ONE fattening food on this earth I don't like.. :) That is so awesome that it was Russ' job to pick up everything for you after 3 months! Now I don't feel as bad. Lol!

G-Metal, Coco and Angel Face said...

Oh my goodness! I forgot to comment on Noa in her jumper!! SO fun!! You just wait- she's going to be your little leap frog pretty soon!! I am so glad she loves this so much! It's a great workout for bebes. :)You guys can borrow our free standing jumperoo if you want! We won't need it again for at least 7 months!