Sunday, August 16, 2009


Everyone has been asking how Noa is adjusting to a new baby being around. She has been so sweet! When she met Ruthie for the first time in the hospital she leaned over and kissed her head. 5 minutes later she came back and hit her in the face, but thankfully, that's really the only time I've seen her do that. Since we've been home, she's had nothing but love for this baby. She's very concerned when the baby cries or whines and she's tried to give her everything from a pacifier to a pop-tart to comfort her. What a sweetie. When Russ goes to get her in the morning, she'll wander in our room looking for the baby, always saying, "Day-day" or "Day-din" ("baby" in her language).

Ruthie has also been adjusting well to Noa. Noa is usually pretty gentle, but gets excited sometimes and is a little too rough, grabbing Ruthie, or rubbing her head way to hard... Ruthie just kind of sits there and keeps sleeping. Overall, our time at home has been wonderful. We're still dealing with sleepless nights and occasional endless crying because of gas (typical newborn thing), but Ruthie really is a sweet baby and it has been much easier getting used to having her around than we thought, especially since she has such an incredible big sister. :)

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