Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interpreter Please!

Noa is well on her way to talking up a storm.  Actually she already does, but you may need to be her Mommy to understand it all.  Here's some of the things she's been saying a lot lately.

Thank you – “Tay tyoo”

Please – “Psss”

Cheese – “Chsss”

Water – “Wa”

Cookie – “Kee Kee” - used to be "Goo ka"

Cracker - "Ka Kuh"

Hot Dog – don’t even know how to spell what she says…

Ball – “Ba”

Bath – “Ba”

Bottle – “Ba”

Car – “Ca”

More - "Ma"

Aunt Melissa - "Ma"

Dog - "Da" - are you seeing a pattern here?

Sissy – “Sissy”

Bye Bye – “Bye Bye”

No – “No, no, no!” (with a stern look)

Elmo – “Ehmo”

Big Bird – “Be Bir”

Grover – “Goch”

Her favorites:

Baby – “BABY” - usually wakes Ruthie up...

Light – “Lie” pointing to a light over and over and over! In fact, she really likes the interior car lights to go on and off while we're driving so if you ever see a crazy minivan rockin' the strobe lights... that would be us. :)


It's hot – “Tsa” - she says this about a million times a day.  Everything is hot.  Russ thinks she's brilliant for already saying a sentence...


k8 said...

So cute -- my favorite from last night was Oh-a for Noa -- whenever she saw a picture of herself. :)

Melissa said...

I can't get enough of this girl! Wonder if there's a connection between her saying the same word for me and "more"...maybe because I will give her just about anything she wants or if its just because they both start with "M" :)

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I love baby talk!!! Go Noa!!