Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to Lake Lure

We decided to go to the mountains again this year for my birthday. There's no place I'd rather be. I just love it there. Here's a picture of us with Noa last year... look how little she is!
We had great weather, except for one rainy day, and Melissa and Dylan came with us and helped us with the girls. I don't know if they'll ever come with us again, but at least we got one trip out of them!! :)
Since Noa's new best friend is...

we decided to get her some Elmo PJ's (from the dollar store) and when she's wearing them she just walks around saying "Ehhmo", "Ehhmo" - definitely one of the cutest things she says! What's freaky though, is that no one taught her who Elmo was - she just picked it up herself somehow... some kind of crazy Sesame Street mind game marketing or something...
We had to break the trip up a little bit on the way back, so we let Noa tire herself out on the swings before we left. She loved it!

We also stopped at a mall in Columbia, SC to eat and let Noa ride their carousel. She thought she was hot stuff! Russ graciously decided to ride with her and definitely felt dizzy after a few times around. She held out a little longer, but since they were the only ones riding, they asked the lady to stop it because Noa was done. It was a great 45 seconds though!
Look at that belly! She looks so old in this picture, its hard to believe she still can't talk and still wears diapers!

Boy... you would think Ruthie wasn't even with us. I don't have a single picture of her on this trip. Maybe because she was either sleeping or nursing... We'll try to post some of her soon! She's getting so much bigger and cuter by the minute!

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Home school Mom said...

Wow! Looks like FUN!! :D I can't believe how big Noa is getting!! She's such a cutie and looks JUST like YOU!! :D