Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ruthie is 4 months old!

We can hardly believe it!  Here's some things we've learned about Ruthie thus far.
  • Ruthie is passionate.  If she's happy, she's extremely happy.  If she's mad, she's extremely mad.  Rarely do we see any in between unless she's sleeping.
  • Ruthie loves to co-sleep and snuggle. (Russ' prayers have been answered!)
  • Ruthie really likes watching TV.  This is so funny to us because Noa never really cared about it and still doesn't, but Ruthie is glued to it every time it's on.
  • Ruthie also loves to get her diaper changed.  Hmmm... neat freak?
  • Ruthie is the longest baby I've ever seen.  I think she's going to be tall and thin like her Daddy.
Here's some things she can do.
  • Smile like crazy!  She even laughs at Russ every once in a while.
  • Prop herself up with her forearms while laying on her stomach.  This is the cutest thing ever!  I love when I hear her and go to get her up and she has propped herself up and is looking around.
  • She's trying to stand like crazy!  I think the exersaucer isn't far away and I'm going to love that day.
  • She likes to scratch on everything with her long nails.  I always hear her just scratching away on the sheet in her pack 'n play or on the side of the bouncy seat.
O.k.  That isn't a very long list, but she's definitely growing and changing all the time.
Here's some pictures of our cute little leopard.  :)

Hey!  How did that little monkey get in there? (Obviously you can see I raided the clearance costumes at Wal-Mart and love 'em!)


Home school Mom said... have the cutest little babies.....I love the costumes too! :D Ruthie looks so much like Russ to me! :)) I can't believe how fast they are growing!! Such cuties!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

jackie.. been thinking quite a bit about you guys actually too...have had significant dreams over the past months of you guys... and just saw about nancy..would love to talk to you if you're up for it at some point..
side note; how long is ruthie.. shmirls is totally long and skinny i think..
love you guys.

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Ruthie is adorable!! I used to think she looks just like you, but now I'm starting to see Russ in her too! But I still think she has your eyes fo sho! Soo cute. It's funny, Quinn was the same exact way about tv. Even when he was a month old, when I'd be feeding him at night, he'd be arching his back and craning his neck as much as possible to see the tv! And Judah was the same as Noa, not interested (until he got older). I missed seeing you guys the other night! Hugs!

Melissa said...

I can't stop going to this blog to look at these pictures...she is so cute!!

christa Baca said...

Jackie! What a sweet little one! She seems so grown up for four months old! Can't wait till our kido's get to play with each other. Ruthie will be 6 months older than Zion.