Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lost and Found Pictures...

Wonderful shot of my mom with cranky Ruthie.  Can't believe how much mom looks like Grandma Adams here...

Chickie's first (much needed) haircut.  BEFORE


Pope Ruthie
Took the girls to see the light show when my mom was here.  Noa is fascinated with lights, but for some reason didn't care about the light show at all.  Totally bored.  As soon as we drove away, she couldn't stop talking about the street lights.  I don't get it.
We went to La Carreta for dinner and Chicks wouldn't stop licking the salsa.  Sometimes she would eat the chips - sometimes not.  We've noticed that she's really into dipping things lately.  She was even dipping something in balsamic vinagrette the other night and loving it!  Pretty advanced palat for a one year old, I must say!

And finally, sweet Ruthie in a sweet blanket that her friend Ruth made for her.  What a treat!

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