Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful girls

I just couldn't get Chicks to smile - but she still looks precious. :)
One of Ruthie's favorite things to do is pull off all of the paper towels.

Had some teething biscuits left over from Noa and now I remember why I never used the rest of the box... they are so messy! Actually, I did remember that they were messy, just not that messy. She loved it, but it was all over the exersaucer and we had to change her whole outfit when she was finished. Besides that, she kept on dropping it (maybe throwing it), and it was driving me crazy. We'll stick to food that mommy controls right now...

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Home school Mom said...

Awww...of course they are beautiful! ;) I hated those teething biscuits too! blah! Only used them once and learned me lesson after that....hee! :)
Happy Easter!!
Love, Betsy @
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