Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ruthie Shoot

Had a little photo shoot with Ruthie the other day while Noa was napping. Look at this sweet girl!

O.k. Mom, I'm done taking pictures. (Please ignore the popcorn and garbage all over the floor - that's how we roll.)
Chicks got to pick out a toy for sleeping in her big girl bed the last 2 nights. Today we weren't quite as successful, but she already had the toy, so I guess she figured she could keep getting out of her bed. Anyway, as we walked the aisles at Wal-Mart, she pointed to a million toys saying, "That one, that one, that one..." over and over again. Finally, I helped her choose this cash register since she's been grocery shopping lately. :) When you turn it on it says, "Welcome Princess Shopper! We have a lot of shopping to do today!" Yikes. What are we creating?

Anyway, she loves it and Ruthie does too.

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G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

The blog title pic of Ruthie is amazing! SHe is so cute.

Do you think if I went to Target with my princess "dollar bills" that they would feel bad for me and let me buy something? ;)