Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Latest

Not much has changed since the old latest. Just thought I would update incase anyone is dying to know if she's here or something. Nope. In fact, not much is going on. I feel pretty much the same as I usually do (not what you want when you're hoping to go into labor), but of course, there aren't really any great indicators as to when someone will go into labor anyway. 38.5 weeks is still a tad early, so I'm not surprised.

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday (today I don't have one - yippee!! - free day!!) and unfortunately the baby fell asleep while they were trying to monitor their heart - so I had to be on the fetal monitor for about an hour and a half. That's a long time for a big pregnant woman to be sitting in the same position! Not to mention, they really had the heat cranked in that room and I was sweating when Dr. Frampton came in! I mean, really sweating! But, the baby finally did her stuff and I talked to him for about 5 minutes and then we were done.

It kind of makes me laugh that if we end up having the baby on Friday via c-section, I really have no idea what to expect. I remember working at the Orthodontist and letting each patient know what was coming - every single little tiny step - and that was just getting braces on! They're about to slice and dice and I have no idea when I'm even supposed to show up at the hospital! So, yesterday, I asked Dr. Frampton if there was any paperwork that their office handed out explaining the process or giving me any information I need to know. "Not really," he said. He sat down and talked to me for a few minutes about it, but I need the paper! I need to look on a sheet of paper and check off boxes, and make sure I know what's coming! Anyway, just the pre-baby jitters, I guess. And, I guess if I went into labor on my own, I wouldn't know exactly what was coming anyway... :) But still!

In other news, Ruthie has managed to finally say (with consistency) her first word. She's mumbled around with "Mamamamama" before, but never with a ton of recognition, so I won't let that count. Here is her ridiculous first word:

The girls love Minnie, but I'm not actually sure where they saw her in the first place. Anyway, Babers latched right on, so now I suppose we'll have to cart them all down to Disney World some day soon. But she has also started saying Mama, cracker, Noa (wa wa), nose, Nana, doggie... I think that's it. I think I might be the only one who can decipher some of them though... but, she's really trying! It is so cute! I'll have to get a video of it soon and post it.

Well... with that, I'm signing off. I don't have the girls this morning so I'm going to pack all of our hospital bags, which I'm excited about. I hate packing, but this will make me feel one step closer... Ah, what a week it will be!

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G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Ya know, I TOTALLY had a feeling at work yesterday that "today is the day" for you to go into labor naturally, then I thought to myself- but I'm ALWAYS wrong about that stuff!!! Lol... So I see, I was wrong. Well, you still have 3 full days and nights to go into labor. I'm with you about the C-section, I'd want to know exactly what to expect. A note of encouragement, I have several friends who had c-sections and they had very quick healing and no issues with it all... thanks for the update! Please tell Russ to text us when baby Kate is here! So exciting. :)