Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't Think of a Title

I'm trying to feed Lydia while typing this and just as I started to type (literally the same moment) I heard Noa start talking to herself (supposed to be napping), threatening my hour of free time. Ugh! Can you see why I can't think of a title? I feel totally scattered most days!! I swear it is not my fault!

I realized I haven't really blogged about how adding another one to the mix has been going. Actually, there are definitely some crazy moments, but all-in-all it has been pretty smooth. Lydia is still in the stage where she sleeps almost the entire day. She usually wakes up once in the morning and again around 7p.m., which is the worst part of the whole deal. By the time we get the other 2 to bed, we're just ready for a break, and that is exactly when Lydia ramps it up. So she's usually fussy from about 7 to 11, sometimes 12, but then she is really good at sleeping for sometimes up to 5 hours at night, then returns to sleeping a lot after eating. It hasn't been bad at night. But the evenings... hmmm.. well, that's sometimes hard to gear up for. Russ has been a great help - usually staying up with her to let me go to bed earlier. But, this too shall pass. This season is usually pretty short. And she is absolutely precious.

I have been feeling a bit better this week, but the whole recovery has been a slow-go, as I thought it would be. Annoying. Everything was fine at my 2 week check-up, and I go for my 6 week check up in a few weeks. So, all is well. Just hard to do everything I need to do and feel run-down at the same time.

O.k. Noa definitely needs a talking to. I would cherish a nap right now, but evidently she doesn't feel the same way... I'll leave it at that. I'll upload some pictures later. I have no idea why this thing started to use italics 1/2 way through. In my younger years it would've really bothered me, but I'm to scattered to care anymore. At least I'm posting something! :)

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Bev said...

Looks like you might have done a CRTL i instead of Shift i to get italics. I feel for you and if I were closer would come over and let you nap.