Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bee Cool at Bee City

Some of us moms decided to take the kids to Bee City - about an hours drive - for a little field trip! Ya-ya stayed home, which was perfect because there really wasn't any place for her to crawl around, which would've resulted in a major back ache for me. Anyway, the kids learned about bees, saw some bees, made a craft with bees wax, poured honey, and saw all kinds of animals at the petting zoo. The kids really enjoyed it and it ended up being a nice outing. Here's some of the group listening to the rules. I keep looking at this picture thinking that all of these kids are coming from like 7 families or something. That's a lot of kids! And a lot of kids PER FAMILY! Wow.

Look at how attentive they are! Honestly, there were so many rules, I couldn't keep them straight. I'm glad the kids were listening in this moment, but I'm sure we broke every rule mentioned, several times...

We had fun crawling on the fake animals too!

I'm sure Noa and Evie are talking about who gets to sit on the turtle and for how long.

Evie won!

This picture was taking right after one of Ruthie's major melt-downs. She looks so content here though. They were very interested in filling up their own honey bears with honey.

Here's the bee colony that the kids got to see. Noa was pretty fascinated with the whole thing, but afterwards she pulled me aside and said, "Mom, now I'm gonna show you the real bee..."

And here it is... the real bee. :)

Precious little Eden. This is Lydie's friend - born a week later - and she was a busy little bee herself! Crawling everywhere!

Last, but certainly not least (these two wouldn't stand for that), here's Ruthie and Lulu, two middle children living up to that stereotype quite nicely. No smiles even though we asked 100 times... They are definitely kindred spirits in their approach to life: physical, passionate (you could also insert "crazy" here. "Passionate" is our positive spin on what's really going on.), influential, beautiful, my-way-or-the-highway type girls...

Thanks Rhoda, for organizing all of this! We had a fun day and look forward to when we can BEE COOL at BEE CITY again... :)

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Home school Mom said...

ha ha...that's so cute! I love the pictures of the girls. ;) Noa cracks me up with that bee. How funny. And why wasn't there a picture posted of Ruthie going off? time. ;D
Thanks for the post! ;)
PS...I'm gonna have to talk to you about a quilt to be made in the near future. I know, I think one would be enough for me....nope. ;D
Love ya!