Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visit from Grandpa, Grandma, & Murphy

Here's a few pics in no particular order. We had a great time with G&G. Murphy was great. The girls loved having everyone around! Will have to do it again sometime soon!!

Murphy snuck in.
Pasty family pic! Almost everyone is looking. I'll take it.
Poor little Ya. Still at the point where she kind of looks like a boy, beautiful as she may be. It would probably help if her mom didn't dress her in black and green.
I remember playing this game with my dad when I was little. The girls loved it!

I think Ya is laughing at Grandpa's belly.
Russ had been taking all the pictures and wanted me to take some of him running around with Noa. Honestly, this is the best one. Not my thing! I understand the principle of thirds and all, but accomplishing that while they were running around is beyond me. I would like to point out that it looks like they're both superimposed on the picture. I think that requires some weird skill. Had to get the flash just right... But, blow the picture up and look at how happy Russ is! Not many could catch that...

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