Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Slacker Edition

Obviously I haven't been thankful on a Thursday in a while now. But today I am! I am reading this book that I really don't like called One Thousand Gifts. I'm determined to finish it. Anyway, even though I don't prefer her writing style (jolty, crazy, poetic, long-winded, can someone say, "get to the point?") the Lord is really speaking to me through this book. I was at the gym this morning (my new thing - more for the babysitting and a chance to read than for the working out since unfortunately I think my c-section belly is here to stay), burning my 100 calories/hr on the bike, and I was almost weeping as I read one of the chapters! Why do I still not like this book? I don't know, but I don't. Anyway, must have been the Holy Spirit. I'm glad I already look pretty pathetic working out because I think this made me look even more so. But I digress.

Anyway, I do feel like the Lord has opened up my heart to noticing his blessings even more. Today I felt like sharing some of them. I know I should probably have better pictures to go along with my thoughts, but I'm no photographer and most of the pictures wouldn't capture the divine nature of the moments anyway.

Thank you Father for:

A free moment (and the desire) to make some bread while the girls surprisingly entertained themselves outside.

Extra time that I was able to spend with Little Ya because she had a fever on Sunday and couldn't be in the nursery. (Still cute as a button!)

Noa and Ruthie making great strides in sleeping together at night! We might have Lydia out of our master bathroom soon!

Wonderful in-laws who have been so gracious to watch the girls weekly, and now for our upcoming anniversary trip. What a blessing!

Our Lydia Kate turning 1!

Quilts, quilts, quilts!

70 degrees in February! No need for that hood!

Since this is the slacker edition, that's all I have for you right now. But I am thankful! I'm especially thankful that the girls are still sleeping and I can lay on the couch for a few minutes!


Meagan and Chris said...

yay for bathroom sleeping! Emerson has probably been in more closets and bathrooms than i can count.

Vanderklok Family said...

Oh, I love Ann Voscamp! Her writing style takes some getting used to, but I love One Thousand Gifts. I was just thinking about you and your quilting the other day...

Jonathan and Emily said...

I've been reading her blog and have wanted to read the book too. Definitely allows the Holy Spirit to speak! Thanks for sharing. Emily