Monday, September 10, 2012

Update on Baby Brother - Week 34

Well, I had another Ultrasound this morning and Caleb (more on the name decision later) is still breech. Amniotic fluid is still high, but they still don't seem that concerned about it. It hasn't gotten any higher, just hasn't gone down. I talked to Dr. Mauldin (whom I just love) who said the further along we get, the less likely baby is to turn, so it is looking like this baby will stay breech unless something divine happens. :) I asked her about turning the baby but she wasn't keen on doing anything like that because of me being high risk on so many levels. (1. Diabetes, 2. Large baby, 3. High fluid, 4. Previous C-section, 5. Early induction (around week 38)) All of these things make a "version" (what it is called) more risky. I'm fine with that. We have prayed all along that if a VBAC was not a good idea for us, that the Lord would make it easy for us to make the decision for a c-section. If brother stays in the breech position, our decision is quite easy because there ain't no way I'm aiming for a diabetic, gigantic, breech VBAC. But if he switches, I think we'll still try the VBAC. In our appointment, she mentioned that I seemed so laid back about the whole thing. I told her that while I would definitely prefer a VBAC, I knew it was in the Lord's hands and I truly do have peace about it, even if the recovery is much more difficult. I know we are surrounded by so many people who will help (and have helped!). What a blessing. I was thankful for even that small moment to express our trust in the Lord.

No good pictures today. Is it crazy that the ultrasounds are getting a little boring to me? Just a bunch of gray blobs on the screen and awkward conversation with the tech. Only one more month though! I think I may have the option to schedule either the induction or c-section on my birthday. I think it would be cool! Russ doesn't like the idea. Any thoughts???


Irene Weeks said...

Well, it is going to be close to your birthday so regardless, you will end up "sharing"... I say go for it. I think it would be cool! Rebecca was born 3 days after our anniversary and that has been way more difficult to work around that a shared birthday! (try planning an anniversary trip without missing your kid's birthday...) I'll be praying for God's perfect plan for your delivery.

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I can't believe it's almost to the end! And Caleb is a great name. :) I think a shared birthday is cool, your best bday gift ever!