Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Water Days

Here's Ivana with our kids on our first beach day this year.  I think it was at the end of March, which proved to be a tad cold, but I don't think the kids noticed.  Except for Ruthie - she always notices.

Brothie loved digging in the dirt!

Hmmm.  So did someone else!


My beautiful Ruthie

Noa could spend all day at the beach building sandcastles.  She gets lost in her own little world of creating.

We went to see real mermaids at the aquarium! After the (kind of weird) show, the girls wanted to play in the dress-up area.  Well, Lydie had her eye on a little girl who was wearing the outfit she wanted.  As soon as the girl took it off, Lydie snatched it up and stuffed herself in it.  She was not going to be outdone by someone else!

Sweet sisters

Queen Mermaid Lydia

Princess Mermaid Ruthie

Quick! Everyone act like a homeschool family!

Ahhh... and then there was my time with Russ on the beach, which was so much more relaxing than with the kids!!

Got the kids all suited up and sun-screened down for a morning at the pool and then we remembered the pool is closed for cleaning on Mondays!  Ugh!  Instead, I took them down to the pineapple fountain.  They loved it but it was screamin' hot and quite a rookie move on my part.  It was way too close to lunch time and a ton of work for about 15 minutes of mediocrity.  But, I'll say it again, the kids loved it!

Sister pic!  Two of them are peeing.  Can you guess which ones?  Stay out of the pineapple fountain, folks!

And then there was today's beach adventure.  2 hours of awesomeness - except for the pictures.  Some kind of blurriness was happening with my phone.  ???  And Caleb certainly didn't care about giving me a good pic.  He was too busy!

Ruthie, Lydie, and Ansley playing in the gully.  It was deep!  We kept having to move the kids down because it was getting over their heads.  I've never seen a gully so deep.

Blurry Ruthie

Blurry Lyd

Blurry Ivana and Vera

Blurry Evie

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Katie Martin said...

Yay for beach days!!! We are game anytime :)