Friday, April 10, 2009


The past few years Russ and I have had a Passover dinner and this year Noa joined us. :) Russ made the best sauce for the lamb and we kept everything else kind of simple. Unfortunately, they don't sell unlevened Cheerios...but everything else was definitely yeast free! I found these Lamb ears at the dollar store the other day and I just couldn't get over how cute she was in them! Maybe lamb ears will be a Passover tradition... Of course we know who the true Passover Lamb was and couldn't be more in awe of our deliverance during this special season.

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Judah said...

oh we cant wait to see you guys. jacks, i text you back after you called; so great to hear your voice. been thinking of you, would love to have our chats again.
noa really has developed her little unique look.