Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A word about Ruthie

If you didn't know, we decided to name our next girl Ruthie Joy and she's coming in about two and a half months! Anyway... I haven't taken the time to write much about this pregnancy, so I thought I would let you in on the latest.

I've definitely been feeling gigantic lately! When I went to the OB 2 weeks ago, I had of course gained more weight, and felt depressed about it, but also challenged to work on it a little more. Anyway... I ended up accidentally taking my chart home. I decided to look and see what I was at this point (29 weeks) with Noa, since I only gained 27 pounds total with her (much less than I would've expected to gain), and I was just sure I was WAY heavier this time. Nope. I am actually a half pound lighter! How? I don't know! But, that made me feel a little better about where I'm at in this stage of my pregnancy. And today I hadn't gained any weight since last time! I thought I had just let myself go and after figuring this out, I came to the conclusion that I'm sure every pregnant woman just thinks their weight is a run-away train. Because it is! Huge bellies are just part of it, right?! :)

So, today we had another ultrasound. Ruthie's head was down and she's facing the back (perfect position), and she'll most likely stay that way, but there's a chance that she'll move too - as babies sometimes do. So, we're just praying she stays this way. She's been kicking away like crazy, and I guess I have definitely felt like her feet were up at the top of my belly, so the ultrasound just confirms what I was already thinking. Anyway, she's still definitely a girl. Nothing sprouted up between this appointment and the last one. According to the ultrasound she weighs 3 pounds 6 ounces at this point, which measures about 4 days ahead of schedule, but just about normal. So, 70th percentile in weight (typical for diabetic moms), but you know... ultrasound technology isn't fool-proof either. The true weight of the baby can be as much as 2 pounds heavier or lighter than what the ultrasound shows - so I guess we really won't know how big she'll be until she decides to come!

The best news though was that the placenta has moved up a little bit, so it isn't considered placenta previa anymore (placenta was blocking Ruthie's exit), and is just considered a low lying placenta, which will not hinder a vaginal delivery! Yay! This is incredible news, especially since I just heard a very scary c-section story last night and I was starting to get a little anxious about it. Of course, we are still praying that Ruthie doesn't get too big in the womb (leading to a c-section), so I'm not out of the woods with that idea yet, but I'm so glad that we can at least check placenta previa off the list. Thank you Lord! And, as far as the weight thing goes, Noa was 9 pounds 7 ounces and I pushed her out in 45 minutes - so bring it on! I think I can handle big babies!

Well... that's the latest. Unfortunately, Ruthie wasn't in a good position for any face pictures, but I do have some fun pictures of Noa Jane that I have yet to download. Russ and I went to a conference with some friends the last few days and I have a few pictures from that trip that I would like to post. Of course, housework is always calling my name. I'll just have to pace myself with the blogging...

Much love!


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Such great news!! And don't even worry about the weight. You know you'll lose it eventually and you look so great! I think people that push kids out 9lbs and heavier should wear a little pin, like what you get in brownies. And then if you do childbirth without drugs, you should get a different pin!! :) Can't wait to meet little Ruthie!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

You're so funny about the pics on the wall at Creekside! I think next time you are there, you should rip every picture down and then act really confused why Noa's picture and Ruthie's ultrasound are the only things up there!! ;) I can't imagine how they got two pics of Quinn?? Hmmmm, with my preggo brain- I guess anything is possible! I may have even accidentally sent them my mortgage check! ;) So my bed being huge. Yes, it is, it's a king. My cat and my dog sleep on my side of the bed every night, plus depending on teething or sickness, possible children too.. so I'm thinking of ordering Shaq's custom made circle bed (it's like 20 feet long). And just know, we think about ya'll a lot too! You guys are some of our favorite peeps and I hate that we see you so rarely. Maybe some day.. :)

Nickel Mom said...

Congrats on all the great news! Ruthie is a cute name! :) We'll keep praying all goes well! Tell Russ and Noa "hello" for us! We miss you guys and wish we could see you more often!
Oh...and you look great! Don't be obsessed about weight until AFTER the baby is born! As long as you have a healthy baby....that's all that really matters in the big scheme of things! You can always lose weight!