Monday, June 29, 2009

Trip to visit Grammy!

The first part of our little June get-away was to Cadillac, Michigan where I grew up. I've only been back around Christmas-time (which is freezing) and it was so nice to remember how nice it is in the Summer. The town is basically built around two lakes connected by a little canal and almost everywhere you go, you're driving around Lake Cadillac to get there. We had perfect weather (like 75 degrees and sunny everyday) and our little cabin was about 15 feet from the lake (Lake Mitchell). I loved waking up every morning to the beautiful sunrise on the lake. God is so creative and magnificent in his attention to detail with even the routine things like a sunrise. Lakes are so much different than the ocean too - awesome in a different way. It was nice to smell the lake air and see pine trees, birch trees, and oaks right up next to the water. I truly miss experiencing this part of God's creation - and didn't realize it until this trip.

Anyway... they had a sandbox out back, so we decided to let Noa dig around in there. She's never played in a sandbox before and didn't really know what to do, but after she got the hang of it, she didn't want to leave!

Of course the main thing she wanted to do was eat the sand. I don't think she liked it, but that didn't stop her from continuing to try and eat it.

Mom was so nice to organize a lunch with her and Peter, Abby (my sister) and Jason (her boyfriend), Chris (my brother) and Jenni (his girlfriend) and us. It was just so nice to relax and spend the day with all of them - and eat, eat, eat!

We enjoyed our lake view while Noa bounced from person to person and got in and out of those red chairs all afternoon.

Who says you can't stay in your PJ's all day? Mommy does it all the time!

Noa and Grammy

"Umm... guys, why are you putting me in this thing?"

Noa and Jenni

We had constant help - a nice benefit to visiting family...

Our dear friends Barb and George came over for lunch one afternoon and finally got to meet Noa!

Russ and I had a chance to go out while Mom watched Noa. We chose Lakeside Charlie's and weren't disappointed. We had a great meal and some time to ourselves and Grammy had so much fun with Noa too!

One morning I went to get Noa up and she had peed all over herself, her blankets, her PJ's - everything. So, we had to have our morning bottle in the sink to wash off. Daddy slept right through it all!

We had some geese constantly wanting to visit. Seems like a neat little thing but they were actually quite annoying. But notice our view! I should've taken better pictures, but trust me, the lake was right there!

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Nickel Mom said...

aaahhh....I love hot and steamy weather....with or without humidity. Actually, MI has been in the 90's and humid the past week or so. Everyone else is dying, but I'm loving it!! :) Looks like you had fun in Cadillac! I do love the lakes there....I miss that! The scenery is so beautiful! Your family looks great! Tell them "hello" for us! :)