Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chickie's Day!

Evie came over!
Unfortunately Noa isn't the snuggliest baby on the block. I guess she takes after her Mommy in that respect. Evie is always so excited to see Noa and loves to express that through many hugs. Noa always just braces herself until Evie's done and then they go about their business...

They kept trying to sit in that cupboard together - it was the cutest thing!

Noa and Evie need to get all their BFF time in before Noa has a new BFF in just a few weeks!

Noa's new favorite book
This animal noises book is the cutest thing, but it is just huge, and after reading it 1,000 times, we don't want to hear another animal noise! We hid the book in the closet for the time being, but she was overjoyed to find it once again... She decided Daddy was as good as any chair, so she's been relaxing on his belly while he reads her favorite book over and over! :)

Chickie's Day!
We got to thinking we only have a few more weeks with just one child at home so we decided to take Chicks to Target and the mall the other day. We got her a little outfit (which really, she could care less about), and let her wander around in the toy aisle, which she really liked. We didn't end up buying her any toys (she has too many already), but she's still young enough to think that the toy aisle is exciting in and of itself. :)

We had to trade her daddy's real phone for her "blackberry" that she picked up. She wasn't happy.

We ate at Chick-fil-a and she shared my 3 piece chicken strip meal with me. She ate 2 of the chicken strips and most of the fries! Maybe we need to get her a kids meal next time so I can eat!

If you've been around Noa lately, you know that all she wants to do is point at lights...

We finished our time at the mall by splitting a Dairy Queen Hot Fudge Sundae. DQ was pretty busy, but I was determined to get my, um, I mean Noa's sundae. After I made my order I was waiting for the girl behind the register to make it. She handed me this sundae (I hardly want to call it that) that just looked like a cup of vanilla ice cream exploding over the sides of the cup. She politely explained that she had put too much vanilla ice cream in the cup and therefore only had room for a little hot fudge. I politely explained that I'm almost 9 months pregnant and "just a little hot fudge" wouldn't do, not to mention the ice cream was running down my hand. Somehow she was puzzled, but re-made my sundae. All the while I was just committing one more story to memory about how pathetic customer service has gotten these days - maybe my #1 pet peeve. Either way, the 2nd sundae was wonderful and Noa also enjoyed it very, very much!

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G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I am totally impressed that you're 9 months pregnant and shared a 3 peice meal and a hot fudge sunday! Maybe that's where I went wrong with my pregnancies, I was probably eating enough for two grown adults! ;) "Chick" is just adorable and growing up so fast. Just wait to see how big she is next to your new little munckin, whom I can't wait to meet the little cutie!