Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

O.k. We're all sweating to death down here. Especially the big, huge, pregnant one. When you're this big, it's hard enough to breathe anyway and then the humidity goes and steals what little breath you have... I've gotta get this baby out of here!!! Anyway, just found this sweet picture of Chicks. I think it might be kind of old, but I just love it and it gives you an idea of just how sweaty we all are. :)

Poor thing had shots today. Actually, what really set her off was a little finger prick to test her iron levels (which were fine) and unfortunately the nurse did that before the doctor came in (not sure why). We had so many questions for the doctor and had to try and have a discussion while Noa was screaming the whole time. I felt bad for her... she just couldn't calm down. Finally, Dr. Hutton left (after we caught about nothing she said - way too distracting) and Noa calmed down only to have the nurse come back in and give her a shot. Thankfully it was just one, but that was definitely enough for Noa to feel frightened, betrayed, out of control, etc... What a maddening appointment. Anyway... say a prayer for her tonight. :) We don't want any adverse reactions to the vaccines. She's such a sweetie. I can't believe she'll be a big sister soon.


Nickel Mom said...

Ahhhh...we LOVE the south! We just got back from Florida and we couldn't get enough of the hot sun! It was awesome....of course we were by the ocean the whole time! :) 70's and 80's are just too cool for us. Being pregnant is not as much fun in the heat though. I hope she comes out soon for you!! :) Poor Noa.....she'll probably sleep well tonight! Hang in there!! :)

Felicia said...

Dr. Hutton was my ped when I was little. I love her x

I do feel sorry for poor lil Noa though :(

Melissa said...

That's from when Dylan and I took her to the park! We just love her and can't wait for baby Ruthie!