Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Part 2 - Wisconsin

After we spent a week in Cadillac, MI, we drove down around Lake Michigan and back up to Door County Wisconsin. We decided it would be fun to spend a night in Chicago since we were passing right through it, but it was actually probably the worst part of our trip. We haven't really been in a big city with Noa and quickly realized that there's definitely a reason people with young kids don't choose to live downtown. All of the elevators were too small for the stroller, she couldn't get out and run around anywhere, the hotel room was teeny-tiny, people looked at us like we were strange (especially having a one year old and being pregnant), we were ready to leave as soon as we hit traffic going into the city! Maybe we're just wimps, but I think we'll opt for kid-friendly traveling next time around.

Russ and Noa enjoying their first Big Boy experience.

When we were downtown Chicago, someone told us about The Leggo Store, so we thought it would be a great place for Noa to run around and a chance for us to get out of the heat.

We didn't end up staying very long. Noa wasn't really interested in the Leggos, and the store wasn't that big of a deal anyway. Russ and I kept wondering how the store made money because really, how many leggo sets can one buy? Or want? Anyway, Noa just kept laying down on her blanket, so we decided to get something to eat instead.

We then stayed the night at Brian and Lindsay's house. What a cute house! It was so nice to spend some quality time with them (twice! - once on the way there, and once on the way back) and meet their sweet boys. They're definitely great hosts and we just wish they lived a little bit closer. Noa and Ryland are the same age, so it was fun watching them interact and sort of play together... Somehow we didn't get pictures of anyone else. Maybe we were too pooped by that point.

Spaghetti and Oreos! What could be better? Side note: Doesn't Noa look like a weird old man in this picture?

We finally made it up to Sister Bay, WI and were just amazed by the beautiful views. We both thought it reminded us of Northern Ireland when we were there 2 years ago. My Grandma lives in a nursing home up there, which is why the Roberts Family Reunion is held there. It was so nice to see uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends that I haven't seen in years, and so nice for them to meet Russ and Noa too.

Of course it was so nice to see Grandma too. It has probably been about 8 years or so since I've seen her. She'll be 89 in August and is doing great. My Grandpa was a pastor and an incredible man of faith. He passed away maybe about 2 years ago but they are the reason many of us came to know Christ as our Lord. I am so thankful for a strong Christian heritage and love the challenge of passing that on to our own children...

On the first night we had a sing-along and ice-cream social for the residents at Grandma's nursing home. It was such a great time to minister and the ice-cream was great too! I know one little Chickie who liked it!

My brother Chris and Noa

My uncle has a beautiful place overlooking Egg Harbor, a quaint little village not too far from Sister Bay. We were able to relax there on our final night in Door County.

On our way out of town, we quickly swung into The Village Cafe for something to eat and had one of the best brunches ever! Little did we know it had just won an award for the best restaurant in the state for the month of June (or something like that)! We took a few pictures, but they don't really do it justice. It was such a quaint little place and if Noa had been more cooperative, we would've stayed a little longer...

Okay... I'm worn out! That was way too much blogging for me. I'm taking a week off. :)

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Lindsay said...

GREAT re-cap! I love the pics of the kiddos, ... and I'm even more pumped to visit door county than ever. Will have to try that cafe out-
Much love,