Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

Enough with the serious posts already! Here's a few pictures of what we've been doing lately...
Last week we were all sick. I had a violent stomach virus - 24 hour thing - and gave it to everybody except Noa. We were finally done with it on Sunday, but it was exhausting! Other than that though, it has just been pretty normal around here.

Noa's friend Lilly came over to play the other day! She is so sweet!
And tiny! Lilly is about 3 1/2 months younger than Noa, but a lot smaller!
Here's my Mac 'n' cheese girl.
And here's my cereal girl.
Ruthie's favorite teething toy is her index finger. She chews on it constantly and drools all over the place.
Uncle Dan hung out with all the girls at Melissa's shower just to see the girls. How sweet.


Home school Mom said...

Who does Ruthie get those GIANT, BEAUTIFUL eyes from? She is crazy cute! I love that picture of Noa and her friend on the piano.....what a size difference! LOL

Judah said...

dan's so cute... ok, so i thought for a minute that lilly was ruthie and i was like, no way!! she's the size of shmirls! was getting a bit jealous at how big your babies get in comparison to my little pea head.. although i know, i know, not good to compare.
anyway, is lilly the watkins baby. did they have another boy or girl?
ok. bye for now.

Home school Mom said...

PS....My fav is yellow cake too! I just had to use up those chocolate ones in the freezer with the kids on "the day". That was just a "filler" until the "real" party! LOL I'll bring out the yellow cake on Sunday! :D Thanks for being willing to eat one for me, even though you don't like them. You're such a good friend to me! :D

Jackie Miller said...

Nikki - Lilly is our friends Ashley & Matt's baby. Evie and Ansley are Ivana's babies. Ruthie is definitely not that big. She's a skinners (that's what I call her) just like Russ.

And Betsy: I would definitely like it if I ate it. :) Here's my summation of my girls. Noa looks like me with Russ' eyes. Ruthie looks like Russ with my eyes. I've heard a lot of different things from people (especially those who don't know what my baby pictures look like), but I stick to what I think... :)

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I can't believe how petit little Lilly is!! All of the girls are so adorable. I think Noa does look a lot like you, but I see a little of Melissa in her too. And I can totally see Russ in Ruthie and your eyes! Isn't it crazy what a mix kids get of their parents! And then there are kids like my nephews who could be identical twins as babies!