Friday, March 19, 2010

Poor Chickies!

Sweet Chicks did herself in tonight. Russ had just come home from work and it was a beautiful day, so we were all out on the back porch enjoying it (Ruthie included) when Noa went back in the house and shut the door. Little did we know that she had pressed the button so that the door was locked! Russ quickly ran to the front of the house and realized the front door and the garage door were both locked. There was no way to get in any of the windows (other than breaking them) and by this time, Noa had started to break down. Ruthie and I stayed on the other side of the door (on the porch) and she could look through the window and see us, but of course, we couldn't open the door. It was so sad to see her getting scared and not being able to do anything about it! We sang some songs, which she quickly tired of. I told her that Daddy was coming to get her and she was crying, "Daddy working! Daddy working!," thinking he was gone and I wasn't doing anything to help her. I asked if she wanted to pray and she did. So we prayed and asked the Lord to help us get in the house and help her not be scared. The whole thing took about 15 minutes and during that time she was freaking out and asking to pray over and over. Poor thing! Every noise she heard was making her scared and she would back up against the wall and not move, so I kept telling her to put her hand up to mine on the door so she would know I was right there. I about cried 5 different times! I'm so thankful she never left the door only to get into something that could hurt her!

Anyway... There's a lock box on our garage because we're selling our house, so Russ somehow found a realtor in the neighborhood who had a key that would open the lock box and get our house key out. She was so hysterical she didn't want to be held and, you guessed it, only wanted to watch "Tales." So... she got a little extra Tales tonight, but we're all able to get in the house and nothing happened to her, so we'll let it slide. :)

We'll have to start teaching her about the doors now. Wonder how that will go... Too much training going on around here - potty training, big girl bed training - I'm over it already! But, I hear it never stops. :)

Give the Lord praise and thanks that we were able to get our Chicks out of the house and that the baby wasn't in there with her! Thank you Lord!


The Weeks Family said...

When Rebecca was a little over 1, I locked her in my car while it was running! I was in the driveway... purse, keys, phone all locked in car too. My parents are next door so I tried to explain through the window that I was running to Nana & Papa's to get the house key, only to come back to her crying her eyes out! (can only imagine what she thought when she saw me running AWAY from the car!) So glad God kept Noa safe and I agree that a few extra episode of "Tales" was in order! :)

The Martins said...

Oh Noa! So sorry that was very upsetting! So glad "Tales" makes it all better. (side note: now I know where Gracie got "Tales" from. She starting calling her movies "tales")HAHA silly girls!

Home school Mom said...

Poor Noa. I think it happens to every parent, but it's still heartbreaking to watch your child go through all of that. I'm glad you got in and she's okay now! :) Do you have a spare key outside now? After locking yourself out, that's when you decide you should probably have a back up key! ha! LOL ;D

Home school Mom said...

ha ha....ok...yes...we can be voted "Parent of the Year"! I know...we have SEVERAL stories of our kids doing crazy things. I forgot about the fire alarm...thanks for that reminder. That was so embarrassing. :-\ He was the one that also (SOMEHOW) called 911 during nap time! ugh! I laid down with the kids and had about 5 cops banging down my door! Also embarrassing! How does a 2 year old do that? We have several more, but I'll save those for another time. :D
KEYS....yes! Stock up! Once you find out who makes those, you need about 63 of them! :D

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Oh my gosh! Poor little chickies! I can only imagine how anxious you all must've been. Thank goodness for your smarts in getting inside the house so fast (without breaking down the door or a window)!! You probably have a key around your neck at this point! ;)